Gaining Leverage in A Job Interview & Offer Negotiation 101

Welcome to class - please be seated.

Today, we'll be discussing some of the secrets that are often concealed in job offer negotiations - and giving you tips to land your dream job in expeditious fashion!

Many of you know I'm not a real professor....and if you know me, you'll know I am not really teaching a class. But it's just great imagery, isn't it?

Anyways, onto the serious topic. Let's paint a mental picture of how this process typically occurs: you're inches away from landing your dream job with all the perks, yet you now have to handle the negotiations process in such a way as to not manage to lose the opportunity at hand. There are ways one can gently nudge the prospective employer in the right direction without losing the offer at hand.

Prepare Questions - Both Obvious and Particular - to Put Employer on Notice

One of the things preparing questions does, for the employer, is it demonstrates interest on your part to learn more about role and the company you're interviewing for. However, it does one thing in particular for you as an interviewee: you're building up confidence and are able to cling onto particular points stated by the employer in how they answered your questions. You can relay back those particular points and elaborate on why your candidacy is best suited to the company based on those points.

Wow, Most Interviewer's Aren't Always Experts - And Aren't Always Prepared!

I'm not sure if many of you realize how true this is. It's not a slight at the people whom are interviewing you, it's just a simple reality. If you're in this situation where you're looking for new work and are granted an interview, take advantage of the situations where you are the expert in the subject matter and direct the conversation. This gives you tremendous credibility and can be a significant value-add to your candidacy.

Learn How To Negotiate

Negotiation becomes very important, especially when those negotiations affect your pocket book. Learn to be aware of your body language - don't slouch, don't talk too much, don't squirm or wring your hands during a negotiation, etc. - in order to not place yourself in a position of weakness. Learn to speak with confidence and conviction - control the flow of the negotiation. You've already done your part to get this far - close the deal!